When I was given this prompt, I wanted to have the poster ask the question “What If Dogs Ruled The World?”. By having dogs of my own, I used an image of my dog as the inspiration behind the illustration of the dog in which the brown parts of his face were filled in with the text of the question.
Instead of answering the question, I wanted the poster to ask the question. I first took a photo of my dog I took in another project but never got to use and put it into illustrator, I thought about what parts of the face would make sense for the words to make up the face and traced it out in illustrator. Because my dog has a lot of brown features on his face I thought it would make the most sense as it has the largest real estate for the question to fit on. I was able to experiment with features of Adobe Illustrator that I rarely work with and explore the possibilities. 
Software: Adobe Illustrator
Time: ~3 hours
Date: November 2021
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