Inspired by virtual reality, in one of my classes, we were assigned a creative prompt on what we believe the year 2030 would be like. This made me think of the up incoming virtual reality and how it has become more utilized. I wanted to utilize the VR headset as the main focus of the poster.
When I was given the creative prompt of "The Year 2030", there were a lot of different approaches I could've taken, but I was inspired by recent talks about virtual reality. VR has been around for a while, but recently only around the mid-2010s did it grow in popularity. Since it's become so popular more VR headsets and compatible games have been released, which lead to the inspiration behind this poster. I believe by the year 2030, there will definitely be more advancements made toward virtual reality and what I call the "Age of Virtual Reality".
Software: Adobe Illustrator 
Time: ~3 hours 
Date: November 2021 
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