The Calgary Natural Disaster Guide is a group of classmates that created a website to teach Calgarians or tourists about any possible natural disasters that could hit Calgary. This website covers five main natural disasters: extreme heat/ droughts, flooding, heavy rain and hail, snowstorms, and tornados, all of which can hit Calgary whenever. This website covers general information on the natural disaster, what to do to prepare for a natural disaster, and what to dos and what not to do during the said natural disaster.
Our initial planning was to create a guide to teach individuals about different natural disasters but as students at SAIT, we decided to make our main focus around Calgary, Alberta. As not only is it more likely to impact us, it makes it the website targeted toward the Calgarian Community.
Software: Adobe Illustrator [illustrations] and Adobe After Effects [animations]
Time: ~30 hours
Date: November – December 2021
The website is split into four main sections, the landing page, about us, the module section, and a glossary search. The module section is where you can choose one of the five natural disasters to learn about. The module section has the first information that includes an introduction animation, a slider that shows different illustrations that show the effect of the natural disaster, and how to prepare for a flood. Finally, there will be a small quiz that tests your knowledge about natural disasters.
Group Members
Chris Liu –
Nicolas Lohmann –
Xue Cui –
Tzu-Yu Lo –
Jasmine Dang-
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