My name is Jasmine Dang, I am currently a student at SAIT’s New Media Production and Design program in Calgary, Alberta. I plan to continue my education after my diploma at SAIT to get my Communications and Media Studies degree at the University of Calgary. But personally, I really enjoy creating and designing. I am heavily focused on graphic design and illustrative work but I have an interest in exploring different media, this includes media like UX design and 3D modeling and design.
Within my time at the NMPD program, I’ve developed my skills as a graphic designer and illustrator. But I’ve also developed many different skills such as collaborative work remotely, teamwork, and leadership skills, along with web design, user experience design, photography, and 3D modeling. As I’ve completed my diploma remotely and online, I would say I’m fairly confident in my abilities to work remotely and still be able to work collaboratively on a project with other people.
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