These were created for an assignment in my 3D Modeling and Design Fundamental class that required me to create 12 different objects that would create a dining room scene. This 3D dining room scene was created in Blender and took approximately 15 hours spanning multiple days. I’m proud of the outcome of this scene, as it looks like an IKEA dining room scene and the lighting gives the room a warm feeling.
This assignment was my first time working with blender materials and creating an entire scene of different products I created from scratch. The majority of the material was found from BlenderKit while I created all furniture and decorations from scratch. Going into this assignment, there was no clear architectural inspiration behind this piece. Instead, I planned out what I wanted to include and how I wanted the scene to look, I looked through Google for inspiration photos and based my dining room on creating a modern but warm feeling.
Software: Blender
Time: ~15 hours 
Date: November 2021
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